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finger prints

Every single person in the history of humanity has a different finger print. If you really think about that's insane! Think about all the people who have already died and all the people who are dying at this moment, at this second. DIFFERENT FINGER PRINTS. It's mind blowing. I know this sounds crazy but I've been really thinking about this. It's amazing. HUMANS ARE INSANE.
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I wish I was home.

I wish I was home but I'm not. Yet again I have a spare on my last period and I should be walking home to my comfortable couch but I'm not because it's raining. Damn. Lately it's always been raining and it's annoying.

So this weekend my grandparents were here from Calgary. They drive across country and hit us and then they leave and go to Montréal and such and then when they come back to go to Calgary they visit us again for a couple of days. First time they visited, which was the last week of summer, I had a wicked cold. It was horrible. I couldn't really visit with them properly because I was digusting. This time around it went a little better. The arrived at our house friday night and we were scheduled to go to my dad's. We were going to stay but because of personal reasons we had to go to my dad's. My grandparents did come to my dad's camp saturday for lunch though. We got to visit them then. Their visit wasn't the greatest. My grandmother tripped on a speed bump and totally scratched her chin and her hands. Her chin was bleeding alot. She didn't complain much because it was the third time this year that she has done this. My dad felt so bad, haha.

You know what's weird/great? My grandparents are actually my mother's parents. My parents are divorced and yet, my grandparents still visit with my dad. I mean it's great but I can feel my dad being a little awkward around them. His girlfriend also. I would feel a little weird if my ex-husband's parents still visited me but I am greatful that we have an open family and that there isn't any grudges (that I know of) against anyone.

I just finished my spanish class and it couldn't have been more boring. I was just sitting there visualizing myself out of my chair - free. The teacher keeps talking and asking us questions in spanish and it just gets us fustrated but it turns out that we might be getting spares every wednesday and thursday because Mme has some CO-OP class or something. That will be great. I could just walk home at lunch and have my whole afternoon off. HOPEFULLY that will happen.

English class is pretty happen but Mme Labbé assures us that after this week it'll be smoother and not so much homework - little assignements here and there. I love my english teacher. She's hilarious and she knows her stuff. She's so passionate about the english language and her english class. She's just a passionate woman in general. I wish I could be like her in that deparatement.

Okay, so has anyone else noticed that with the new Live Journal you can't highlight anything? GEEZ. Starting to piss me off.

This friday night Mel & me are going to fry some "potatoes" and it will be freakin awesome. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. We did this "frying potatoes" deal 2 fridays ago and I can't wait to do it again. This time it'll be better because we'll know what to expect.

WEDNESDAY @ 8PM; America's Next Top Model Cycle 7!!!!! CAN'T WAIT.
THURSDAY @ 8:30PM; The Office!!!!! CAN'T WAIT.

OMG I still have to wait another 50 minutes until I can leave. The reason I don't walk home right now is because when it rains my friend Nat gets a ride to her house and I live litterally houses down from hers. I went to her house this morning to try and do something different in her hair and it was pretty cute! We put mousse and dried it upside down for some volume. Then I tied it half way and VOILA.

Here is some pictures of the Terry Fox Run;
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Okay. Someone help me from this never ending spare I like to call bore fest. I'm sitting beside these two obvious 9th graders, one won't stop sniffing his boogers back into his fucking nose and the one is laughing obnoxiously at everything he sees on his screen. I am literally alone in the whole computer area and these two idiots decide to sit beside me.

Why are my spares so booooring. I could be doing homework but I don't feel like it. This is more boring than a presentation by Mr. Boring talking about boringness and how boring it would be in our society. GAH. I love when it's land on my last period so that I can leave and go home. I hate having to sit here and wait for my next class.

Wow, my philosophy class is actually very interesting. I thought it was going to be a slack off class [which sometimes it is] but we do have in depth talks. I, of course, am too shy to give in my two cents so I listen, debate with myself in my head and then do whatever work the teacher gives us. I guess I'll tell who ever is reading this right now what was on my mind in class. We were talking about God and what he meant and does for us. I don't believe in Jesus and I'm not imposing any of my views on you. I was just thinking that if we believe in God, no one has ever seen him, scent him, touched him well then why not believe and worship Santa Claus while we're at it. Nobody has ever seen, smelled or touched him but yet we are lead to believe that he is truly a real person up to the age of about 7,8,9. What if God is just Santa Claus until we die when we are told that he doesn't exist. Anyways, just something I was thinking about.

My mom said she would break up with her boyfriend once again. No joke, she has told me this about 7 times within the past 3 years. She has broken up with him and gotten back together so many times. When she told me this time I had no choice but to laugh in her face. She tells me this and I laugh because I laughed in her face the last time she told me and the time before that because it's a cycle for her. I'm just assuming that she stays with him because she is lonely and doesn't know what to do with herself. To be honest she doesn't have many close friends that she can hang out with, even she admits this. I guess her boyfriend was reading a letter she wrote to him and left it on the table. Shhh, but I read it. It said all the basic things like its not your fault, I love you, we should still be friends and such. She has written many of these types of letters to me also through out the years about fights and such. After reading the whole thing and assuming she was talking about this time, I READ THE DATE and it said OCTOBER 2005. 2005. I was like GEEEEEZ, how many times do you have to break up with him until you actually stick to it. I must admit I have this quality also at some points in my life. I say I will actually do the homework at night this year but so far I've been doing it 10 minutes before we leave in the morning before school.

I know that was kind of harsh but no one is likely to read this, I usually write my journals in DeviantArt which they don't have at school. Bastards. So I guess I'm just letting free what has been bothering me. I'll be doing this probably everytime I have a spare on my third period. What I just wrote took me about 20 minutes. Passes the time.

I started reading "Girl, Interrupted" by Susanna Kaysen. It's hard cover [thought I would slip that in there somewhere]. It's VERY different from the movie. I mean the characters are alsmot the same but the timeline is exceptionaly different from the movie. So far I'm not sure if I'm liking the book or the movie more. I'm leaning towards the movie right now because I'm not done the book and I've seen the movie so many damn times I'm just in love with it. I do like how Susanna writes. Very short chapters of about 3-4 pages with unusually large print. She also adds some of her paper work from the hospital where she stayed. I do like the book because it does explain stuff that is not in the movie. Now I only have to find a "classic" book that relates to it for my english class so that I can write an essay on what is similar between both books. I was thinking of picking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because of the personnality disorders. I'll ask my teachers opinion tomorrow.

I signed this sheet at the orientation desk about information about college. It made me very uneasy and hesitant because I still don't know if I'll be going to college or not. There's nothing to be afraid of since it is only an information session. I was just thinking like in 9th grade when I first came to high school I would hear these annoucements about college and stuff but never really thought about it. Now that I'm in 12th grade I need to be thinking about these things.

I need a job. Just because I keep telling people I am going to Arizona this christmas doesn't mean I will magically go there. I need money. This was my idea and my plan so I need to pay everything myself which is totally reasonable. What is incredibly depressing is that I worked at Pizza Hut from the end of January until the middle of July and I made about 1000$. All of that was blown away on foolish shit I didn't need. Probably half of that was spent on Mr. Sub and food items. I just can't believe I made a thousand dollars and have nothing to show for it [except a digital camera, but that wasn't even all me. I just used whatever was left of my last pay check - around 120$ - and everyone else gave me around 140$ worth of birthday money.]

I think I've written enough. There is about 15 minutes left until Spanish class. That's a fun class. The only thing I've retained from the last week was "Mi padre" is my father, "Mi madre" is my mother, "Me harmano" is my brother, "Me harmana" is my sister and "gafas" are glasses. The teacher is a little looney but she has good intentions.
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I was thinking and trying to figure out what my favorite songs of all time are.
These are the ones - for the moment - that are my favorites.
They all have emotional meanings behind them.

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland.
2. Soft Rock Star - Metric.
3. Hippo In The Bathrub - Anne Murray.
4. Undergrads Theme Song - Good Charlotte. :(
5. Have You Forgotten - Red House Painters.
6. Good Mother - Jann Arden.
7. Your Song - Elton John.
8. Rocket in The Sky - Benny Benassi.

Those are for now. I'm only seventeen.

What are yours?
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Girl, Interrupted

Why was I born in the 80s? I WANNA BE BORN IN THE 20s DAMN YOU. This era sucks. I don't like any of it. I want to sit in my living room with my record player listening to some Judy Garland with my tea in a living room with patterned wallpaper, just thinking about what I will make for supper for my perfect husband. HA! That is so cliché, isn't it? Women have fought to be independant and here I am wanting what they used to fight not to have. I want to be that girl, right there in the water. I want to BE her for one day. I don't know who she is or what the hell she's doing but I want to be in that water surrounded by those people right now.

Goodnight. Have a swell, jolly ol' time.
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